Ahiru,Daffy's daughter


Ahiru is Daffy Duck and Tenshia's daughter. Ahiru makes her first appearance in "Daffy's Daughter?", a future Sonic Storm Story.


Ahiru is sweet and kind like her mother, Tenshia, but is occasionally stubborned like Daffy. But she able to keep a her cool unlike Daffy. Same her father, both of them have a lying tounge


Ahiru looks like her mother, but has swirl markings on her cheeks. She wear bandaging and fishnetting on her torso. On her legs, she sports a maroon colored skirt and blue pants


  • Her name is the japanese word for duck, indecating her father is Daffy
  • Ahiru has a small crush on Sai.
  • It's revealed that she ran away from Heaven to be with her father

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