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Amaterasu, Goddess of The Sun

Amaterasu is the main protaginst of the game"Okami". Her appearance is the Sonic series as a white wolf with crimson markings covering her body and a divine instrument on her back. She is accompained by Isshun and cans for her.


Amaterasu is known for being quiet, mature, kind and gentle always aiding those in need, but also unafraid to voice her opinion. She allows loyal to her friend. Amaterasu is quite fond of cherry cakes.

Sonic's Adventures of Okami

In "Sonic's Adventures of Okami", after the land of Nippon is serverly damage done by Orochi. A Wood Sprite called Sakuya was forced to store the spirits of the villagers in the fruit of Konohana, as the curse claimed the village right up to the sacred tree. Using the last of her power, Sakuya awakened Amaterasu's spirit from her statue at the foot of Konohana, knowing she was the only being who could restore Nippon. Although Amaterasu's resurrection was a success, the sun goddess had lost much of her power and memories during her 100-year slumber. As Sakuya briefed Amaterasu on her mission, a very odd thing happened: a Poncle, Issun, suddenly popped out of Sakuya's robes. It turned out Issun had been sleeping in Sakuya's robes (not for the first time) and had thus escaped the curse. At that moment, a horrific roar sounds out, shaking the very ground. Hurriedly, Sakuya uses her last bit of power to restore her tree as best as she can, allowing it to reappear, but leaving it withered. Also, she uses what is left after restoring the tree, Sakuya summon a hero from a distant world and Sonic appears after crashing landing similair to "Sonic The Hedgehog and The Black Knight". Amaterasu and Sonic team up and travel Nippon together to restore the peace to Nippon.