Group: Dinosaur - Level: Champion - Type: Vaccine - Attack Techniques: Tail Hammer, Megaton Press Ankylomon is the Digivolved form of Armadillomon, the Digimon partner of Cody of the DigiDestined. Armadillomon first Digivolved into Ankylomon to protect Cody from Thundermon, who they encountered while tunnelling underground during the kids' rebuilding chores. The battle made its way up to ground level, but then Thundermon was destroyed by StingmonIn this first appearance, Ankylomon was gigantic, but when he appeared later, he was always much smaller. Ankylomon appeared again to help the other Champions battle Okuwamon. Later, they were all seen destroying more Control Spires, and then Ankylomon appeared again to battle the insectoid inhabitants of the Giga House, and BlackWarGreymon. Ankylomon then popped up in the aftermath ofSilphymon's battle with Blossomon, and then again to help battle Knightmon to prevent him from destroying the first Destiny Stone, and again, to help stop BlackWarGreymon from destroying another stone, although they failed both times. When battling to protect the final Destiny Stone from BlackWarGreymon, Ankylomon and Angemon were finally able to DNA Digivolve to Shakkoumon, and hold of BlackWarGreymon, until Azulongmonemerged from the final stone and stopped the battle. Ankylomon appeared again during the battle at Christmas to DNA Digivolve with Angemon again. Ankylomon took part in the battle with SkullSatamon, but was easily beaten along with the other Champions and Ultimates, but Imperialdramonmanaged to defeat the villain by Mode Changing to his Fighter Mode. Ankylomon then DNA Digivolved with Angemon to fight MarineDevimon, and then the evil Daemon himself, and send him into the World of Darkness with help from the other DNA Digivolved Digimon. Ankylomon was then present when the kids arrived in MaloMyotismon's dream dimension. After the kids defeated the illusions MaloMyotismon subjected them to, Armadillomon and all the other Digimon Digivolved into their separate forms at once, and Armadillomon, Ankylomon, DigmonSubmarimon and Shakkoumon joined with all the other stages to battle MaloMyotismon, but when he crossed the border to the DigiWorld, only the "real" incarnation of Armadillomon could cross over, and so Shakkoumon went across, while the Ankylomon avatar faded away. Ankylomon first appears in "If I had a Tail Hammer." His voice is supplied by Robert Axelrod.Name - from "ankylosaurus," a type of dinosaur.

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