Aqua, The Keyblade Master of Team Sonic

Aqua is the caring and loving one on Team Sonic, though at times, she can be tough.

Close Relationships


Aqua and Koyuki have a sisterly relationship with each other. Aqua worries for Koyuki for being a bit reckless at times and she cares for her.


Aqua and Sonic have a best friend relationship. When Sonic first encountered Aqua, she thought Sonic was her old friend Sonus, Sonic's father who died help Naruto's parents save Konoha from Tobi's attempt to destory Konoha with the Nine-tails; Despite the initial confusion, she and Sonic manage to be friends and work together to overcome challenges


Aqua and Shadow share the same relationship as her and Sonic. But at times Shadow seems to be over protective of Aqua when it seems it can get very dangerous. Auqa cares for Shadow and sometimes protect him when he is injured.

Jeffrey Dragonheart

In the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures series, Aqua meets the brave, super-smart, kind and very shy Jeffrey. She falls in love with him and eventually, she becomes Jeffrey's girlfriend. Later on, he and Aqua will get married.


No interaction between these two has happened in the Sonic Storm Adventures series, but in the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures series, Aqua will meet little Xion, along with her adoptive father Jeffrey. In the series, Aqua becomes a mother figure to Xion. After Jeffrey marries Aqua, she will fully become little Xion's adoptive mom.




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