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Charlie B. Barkin

Charlie B. Barkin is german shepard mix. A memeber of Dracoknight's Sonic Adventure Team.


Charlie is a sweet dog and very smart. But, Charlie sometimes thinks full of himself and can be greedy like Daffy. Charlie do remind loyal to promises he make sometime. His voice highly resembles Burt Reynolds.


Charlie is a mutt, his father was a German Shpard and his mother was a collie. His fur is ranges from a light tan on this chest to a basic brown on his back and ears


  • Charlie is best friend is Itchy a dashund
  • He is very good friends with Daffy and Naruto
  • Charlie has a histroy of breaking and making promises
  • Charlie sometimes give Naruto tip on dating Sakura. In the future story "The Perfect Boy", charlie tells Naruto be everything Sakura wants in a guy until she cracks and gives in, which is similar to an episode of All Dogs Go To Heaven TV Series.
  • Charlie is also a member of the Jeffrey & Friends' Adventures team.
  • When Charlie acts dimicky, he can turn into his human form, Charles Barkley.

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