Commander ApeTrully
Commander ApeTrully is the eccentric, well-meaning leader of Big Green. Commander ApeTrully formed Big Green in hopes of restoring friendship between animals and humans. In most episodes, Commander ApeTrully would end up captured by the animals he visits when trying to make peace with them with piles of gold. When in danger, he activates the device on his head to call for First Squad. In "Parrot Castle," he is revealed to be the king of the Monkeys (Monkey King) in disguise as he was the first to see through High Roller's lies, but keeps it a secret to preserve Big Green's morale (In his words, he does not want humans to know it was a monkey who led them). In "Shark Castle" and "Crab Castle," he would accompany First Squad to the underwater castles when riding in Sammo the Whale in order to make peace with the aquatic animals that way. His name is a joke referring to the fact that he's an ape, truly.

Movies he appeares in

Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hotel Translvania

Sonic Unleashed (Cameron Version)

Sonic Storm Adventures of The Hunger Games

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