Eustace Bagge
Eustace Bagge Is a mean selfish and cruel old famer obbessed with mony and his truck.(commonly referred to simply as "the Farmer" or "the Stupid One" by Shirley the Medium) he mistreats Courage and calls him a "stupid dog"; Eustace often simply refers to Courage as "Dog", and rarely, if ever, addresses him by name. He also regularly mistreats Muriel as well. Though Courage frequently goes out of his way to save his life, Eustace still openly dislikes him. He takes great pleasure in scaring Courage, which primarily stems from jealousy of the fact that Muriel pays more attention to Courage than him; however, he has also been known to scare Courage just for laughs or simply to get Courage to stop bothering him. When Courage manages to defeat the villain in each episode, Eustace often suffers a horrible fate, such as being mummified, possessed, eaten or ejected into space. Despite his gruff nature, he often shows compassion and has worked alongside Courage to save Muriel more than once. He is also insecure due to not having teeth, having a hunched back, and being bald. He had a father named Ickett and a manly older brother named Horst (who he never got along with) who are both currently deceased. He is also Muriel's husband, they both married each other in 1953.


Eustace is known to be very greedy as he will do almost anything to get money or go through great lengths to get treasure. Though sometimes he shows expression of gratitude (though only when given money) and has a desire in scaring Courage, his personality might be inherited from his Mother.

Movies he appeares

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