Goto The Fox Bandit is a fan-character made by Dracoknight. Goto is well a Fox as his name says.

Personality & Appearance


His personality is similiar to all animated fox being cunning, sly and quick witted. But, unlike other fox expect Tails, he is very smart since he is a thief.


Goto wears a a mask and a dark blue robe which allows him to blend into the shadows. He carries a staff similiar to Sly Copper expect it has different gizmeos like a retractable hook and rope and is able to extend for combat.


  • Goto's name devires from the Japanese word for Bandit
  • Goto was orginally to have a frech accent in honor of Peter Seller's (Even though he is english) role in "After The Fox"
  • Goto design is inspired from Sly Copper

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