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Grovyle is a grass type pokemon and an ally of Team Sonic. He makes his first appearance in Lucario Vs. Grovyle. Grovyle was a friend of Lucario and Erza, until something happened


Grovyle has a more dinosaur-like appearance than its previous form, Treecko. Unlike its relatives, Grovyle's hands have two claws and its feet are more bird-like and its two tails now have a leafy appearance. Grovyle has three long leaves on its wrists and a large leaf on top of its head. Grovyle's underside is red, with a belt-like green stripe on its belly.

This Grovyle carries a bag containing something secret in it. Grovyle is a powerful and skilled warrior, his strength is the same strenght as Lucario and he is fast as Erza.


Grovyle is very cool and calm nature. Grovyle is very intellingent as a fighter and thief.


  • Grovyle was a friend of Lucario and Erza in the past
  • Grovyle is currently a thief
  • Grovyle is cooperraymer's favorite Pokemon

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