Gus Turner

Augustus "Gus" Bachman Turner is a character in the animated television series Robotboy, a French-American co-production from Cartoon Network, Alphanim, France 3 and Luxanimation.

Gus is overweight, weak-willed, neurotic, red-headed, gluttonous, gross, jerk, no-brain and selfish – the very opposite of Tommy. He is Tommy's friend and a self proclaimed action hero and leader of the group. He is an attention seeker and tries to show off most of the time by pulling practical jokes on anyone close to him. However, most of these tricks backfire and often get him in trouble. He also boasts about many skills that he claims to have, but obviously doesn't. But despite all his faults, and his regular, but terrible practical jokes, he’s still one of Tommy’s best friends. He is very similar to Eric Cartman of South Park or Raj of Camp Lazlo. An interesting note about Gus is that despite the fact that he claims himself as "cool", he lives in an old fashion house with his old fashioned parents (who dress in nineteenth century clothing). In spite of (or maybe even because of) his strict upbring, Gus can be very greedy and selfish at times.

Amish Family

His parents are Amish, but that makes Gus different from them. His parents' names are Jebedaiah Turner and Hester Turner. Their horse is also considered part of the family.

Santa Claus

Gus and Santa have a somewhat awful relationship. Gus being a naughty kid and always trying to sneek onto Santa's nice list doesn't help with the situation. When Gus tricks Santa into almost sending him a mountain of presents, Santa gets his sweet revenge by pressing his large, fat-yet very well muscled butt into a present and releasing an enormous fart, before trapping the foul fart into the box and sending it to the poor boy. When Gus opens his present, rather than a nice present, he's hit in the face with a huge, terribly foul gust of wind. Gus's interactions with Santa often end on a similar notice. Santa often leaves Gus smelling like his butt for weeks, maybe even months. On one occasion, a kid named Michael happily stepped in and took Gus's place. Although this got Gus off free for a while (and also caused a very close, romantic friendship between Santa and Michael), Gus still came across Santa again, along with Lola, and since the muscular, powerful St. Nick had already relieved himself of his gas on Michael, he gladly unzips his pants and pees on both Gus and Lola (the latter of which he finds annoying).

Friendship with...

...Walter the Tapeworm

He made friends with one of Kamikazi's baits and was primarily a villain but due to his unreasonable reactions, he fought Kamikazi back and became friends with it.


  • He has many similarities to Eric Cartman from South Park however,he doesn`t get his way.

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