HiMugendramon is the combined form of Machinedramon, and an army of SkullScorpiomon, and is a minor villain in Digimon Xros Wars.AppearanceEditHiMugendramon is an Unknown Level Digimon that's a bigger, redder version of Machinedramon.Digimon Xros WarsEditLilithmon's Machinedramon devoured a small army of SkullScorpiomon in order to assume this form. Shoutmon X4K had trouble defeating HiMugendramon. With help from Beelzemon (AKA Baalmon's reincarnated) , Shoutmon X4K was able to destroy HiMachinedramon.TriviaEditAnother digimon has a similar appearance as HiMugendramon; Chaosdramon

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