High Roller
He was once a court jester who was banished from the Eastern Capital for insulting its emperor and wandered into the Hidden Lands. Upon getting struck by lightning, he gained the ability to communicate with animals and tricked them into thinking humans were their enemies. As the new Emperor of the East Citadel, High Roller gets to do whatever he wants, and what he typically wants to do is attack humans (or get animals to attack humans for him), eat candy, read comic books, and play games.[10] A flashback in "Folk Game Competition II" revealed that he was a classmate of Woo the Wise. High Roller is also the master of the Folk Game Competition and these skills actually translate to the battlefield in dangerously unexpected ways. For the first Folk Game Competition he held, High Roller held it to distract everyone from the traffic. He later held the second Folk Game Competition as a diversion for the Zebra Brothers to eliminate all the books, since he hated studying as a child. He once beat Jumpy Ghostface in the first Folk Game Competition (by cheating), but the second one against Lin Chung ended in a draw when High Roller discovered that the Zebra Brothers also took his comic books. Combining this with the fact that he likes to play dirty makes High Roller a formidable opponent for even the most skilled members of First Squad, as even Lin Chung can have a hard time trying to stop him one time when High Roller combined with Bearstomp in "Firework Festival at East Citadel."

Movies he appeares in

Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hotel Translvania

Sonic Unleashed (Cameron Version)


It is unknown if High Roller teams up with Malefincent or Dr. Eggman or Eradicus or Loki.

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