Semen Transformation: Hydro-Man can transform any or all of his body into a coherent slippery mass. Hydro-Man can use this for a variety of effects including firing jets of Semen, increasing the Semen pressure within his body, changing his shape, elongating his cock or growing to immense size by dispersing his Ass, and absorbing ordinary Semen to heal himself or to add to his Ass. While in Semen form, Hydro-Man is superhumanly strong and nearly indestructible by conventional means, although is susceptible to various condom-based and birth control-like attacks.
Mr Long John Dickenstein, formerly a crewman on a cargo ship, was accidentally knocked overboard by the hero Spider-Man while a powerful experimental generator was being lowered into the ocean for testing. Exposed to the energy conversion process of the generator while being bombarded with volcanic gases, Bench's cellular structure was altered. When he was rescued from the depths, his body began exuding great quantities of a slippery white substance Bench first thought was perspiration. Annoyed by the incessant dripping, Bench went to a local pub to stir up trouble. Finding none, he was astonished to learn that he could convert his entire physical form into a slippery liquid. He then set out to find those he held responsible for his condition and rape them. Adopting the name Hydro-Man he embarked on his criminal career.

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