Katherine, Drake's old friend

Katherine or Kat for short is a friend of Drake and Lauren. Drake and Kat used to live in the same village before Drake's parent began to make a better life in the hidden leaf village and he had to move. After, he left; she became a Pokemon Trainer or wh at thye are called in the ninja world, "Monster Tamers"

Personality and Appearance


Kat is very hyper and strong-headed some of thetimes. Sometimes, she can be sweet and kind. She carries a secret crush for Drake since they were little kids.


She wears a grey long-sleeve shirt with a teal undershirt. Kat has a necklace made out of moonstone which was made by Drake, so that they can remember each other before he left. Drake carries the other half with him.

Pokemon Team


  • Katherine and Drake were the best of friends
  • She sometimes called Tsunade junior because her body is similair to Lady Tsunade when she was a young adult

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