MvC3 X-23

Laura aka(X-23)

X-23 (Laura Kinney) is a fictional comic book superheroine appearing in books published by Marvel Comics, in particular those featuring the X-Men. X-23 is a female clone of Wolverine.

Cloned from a damaged copy of Wolverine's genome, X-23 was created to be the perfect killing machine. For years, she proved herself a notable assassin, though a series of tragedies eventually led her to Wolverine and the X-Men, abd Shadow the hedgehog with whom she now seeks to turn her life around.

Introduction in the Sonic series

One night, Shadow was roaming around Station Square until he encouters Lauren aka X-23 fighting some thugs and decides to join in and spares with her and begin their friendly rivalary and friendship seeing that they're evenly matched. She may join the team on a few adventures in the future



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