Group: Micro – Level: Baby

Leafmon is the Baby form of Wormmon, the Digimon partner of Ken of the DigiDestined. When Wormmon sacrificed himself during Magnamon’s battle withKimeramon, the Digimon Emperor reverted back into Ken, and returned home, where he fell into a pseudo-coma and dreamed of his past. When he awoke, he had amnesia, unable to recognise his parents – however, he DID recognise the Crest of Kindness and his D-3, and travelled into the DigiWorld, to Primary Village, where he found a Digi-Egg which quickly hatched into Leafmon – the reborn form of Wormmon.

Leafmon quickly Digivolved into Minomon, then to Wormmon, and even on to Stingmon, then reappeared after Stingmon and ExVeemon combined into Paildramon, and then split back into their Baby forms. Leafmon and Chibomon became very close after this experience.

Leafmon continued to appear with Chibomon every time Paildramon separated back into his constituent parts – at the Giga House after the first battle with Arukenimon, after the various battles to protect the Destiny Stones, and to listen to Azulongmon’s tale. Leafmon’s last appearance was after the battle at Christmas, when all the DigiDestined fought together to send wild Digimon back to the DigiWorld. After this, Paildramon gained the power to Digivolve to the Mega level, and after separating, his constituents would be at the Rookie level. As such, Ken’s Leafmon didn’t appear again.

However, twenty-five years into the future, Ken and Yolei’s baby (sex unknown) has a Leafmon for a partner.

Leafmon first appears in “Genesis of Evil.” His voice is supplied by Wendee Lee.

Name: From “leaf,” naturally.

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