Lin Chung
Classified as Hero 006, Lin Chung is known by some as the most accomplished, most skilled warrior in all of Big Green. He possesses the legendary Panther Vision, which allows him to see great distances, or to see the world in slow motion while he moves with speed. He wields a staff that can shoot bamboo shoots out at enemies. One episode revealed that this ammunition is actually edible. Lin Chung's also has his "Master Stroke" in his arsenal which is devastating to all enemies. This move involves a great leap into the air while spinning his staff. He catches the staff, which propels his full body into a spin, projecting him at his opponent with massive force which was proven in "Rabbit Castle". He has a hobby of drawing and sometimes dropping out of battles just to draw when he finds an inspiration like in the episode"Elephant Castle". In reality, his drawings are awful, but his friends do not tell him that so he will not go into a state of depression up until Woo the Wise made a comment about art not being better than science in "Pitched Battle of the Air Force." His drawing skills got better as the series progressed. He is also an honorable member of the Air Force as he was the only member of First Squad to pass each of the tests required to assist the Air Force. If his First Squad team members cannot find him, they know to look for Lin Chung in the bamboo forest where he mediates, calmly waiting standing on his staff for more bamboo shoots to grow because he is using them for ammunition. Unfortunately, he is often distracted from battle by an intriguing image that he feels he must paint. A gag in "Shark Castle" is that Lin Chung can create great art, but only unintentionally (like being distracted or by accident) which would get him frustrated.


Harmonic Energy


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