Lola Mbolắ (originally Lola Mbola) is a character in the animated television series Robotboy. A French-American co-production from Cartoon Network, Alphanim, France 3 and Luxanimation.

Lola is the 10 year old blue-eyed daughter of a wealthy African ambassador. Lola is a very well-educated kid who can pilot jet planes and speedboats despite her age. She is in love with Tommy Turnbull but is pretty secretive

about it. Tommy doesn't seem to realise that Lola loves him.

Ambassador Mbolắ

The ambassador is the only person existent in the family as her father. He represents many times his personality like making play acts, see the news over a flat-screen plasma TV in a big mansion on the top of a hill of the Bay Area (city) or buying huge robots.



They are good friends and she always counts on him to save the day. In The Homecoming, she kissed him after Dr. Kamikazi disguised as Professor Moshimo said he needed to return.


She captures her eyes more on Tommy, due to being "Sweet" but sometimes selfish when:

  • not agreeing on doing things together(Like not going to the movies that day and deciding to go another day)
  • Bambi's around and he blushes when looking at her
  • Robotboy's friendship(Spending too much time with him)

She loves Tommy Turnbull, which Tommy dosn't seem to realise. Even though she would:

  • Rest on him affectionately
  • Hug him to give him company
  • Kiss him for good luck, to make him feel better about something or for helping her out of a dilemma

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