Lugia The Guardian of the Sea

Lugia is known as the guardian of the Sea and controller of the three birds Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos

Basic info

Lugia are very large creatures which bear a resemblance to something between a dragon, and a dinosaur. They are primarily pale silver-white, but have blue undersides with slightly varying tones..Lugia's first apperance will be in Sonic's Adventures of Kingdom Hearts 2. At the begining, Lugia is possed by the Heartless and Controlled by Pete. After defeating Pete in the Underworld, Lugia breaks free and hides in The ruins of Hollow bastion. During the battle of Hollow bastion, Koyuki manages to heal Lugia's disturbed heart and restore it to normal. He promises to protect his savior from the darkness along withn Dororo

From Good to Bad and back

Between the storyline of Sonic's Adventures of Naruto: Ninja clash in The Land of Snow and Sonic's Adventures of
Kingdom Hearts 2. Lugia is roaming the worlds and visits Yen Sid. But on his way, he gets attacked by the Heartless. The growing number of attacking heartless, his heart was taken over. Resulting That Lugia became Shadow Lugia and the three birds were made valuable to attack.