Manic 1

Manic The Hedgehog

Manic The Hedgehog is Sonic's younger brother from Sonic Underground

Personality & Appearance

Manic is a pickpocket, placing him in the lowest role of growing up for the siblings: Sonic lived in an average home, Sonia lived like a princess, while he was raised by thiefs. Though Sonia has a distaste for Manic's lifestyle (including his tolerance for sewers), his thiefing skills and mastery with computers and machines is greatly needed. Manic seems to be the only one out of the entire team that can pick locks, getting away with stealing, fix machines, and hack into computers. While he gets defensive when his old background is criticized, he grew up without feeling ever feeling he had a real home until he meet his siblings. Manic is the "laid back" sibling, and speaks slang sometimes. He rides on a hoverboard, which also acts as a surfboard.


Manic possesses neither his brother's speed nor his sister's strength, thus making him a character that has no superpowers on his own. However, when used properly, his drum set medallion can control the Earth, creating seismic activity under Manic's direction, and fire lasers like those of his siblings. His cymbals can even reflect laser fire. According to Oracle, his drums are the most powerful weapon compared to his siblings.

Musical Life

Manic plays the drums in the band Sonic Underground in Sonic Storm Adventure Projects. He can twirl his sticks with his left hand, twirl both sticks in his right hand, and throw them in the air and catch them like what most drummers do. His sticks are small and "bend".

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