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Matrix the hedgehog created by Dr.Eggmen to use as Myotismon's revenge on Sonic after his last attempt to destroy Sonic in '"Sonic's Adventure of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland"
Matrix the hedgehog

Appearance and Personality

Matirx is dark clone of sonic. He contains the Dna of Myotismon and wolf. His fur is green and black stiripes onhis quials. There is a cresent moon on his head and has blue eyes.

Matrix contains personalities of Sonic and Shadow the hedgehog. He behaves like a rebel and a trouble-maker.


  • Toon vs Anime 3 ( Premire)
  • Sonic the hedgehog and The Sky Warrior (Premire in a Sonic Adventures film)
  • Sonic's Adventures of Epic Mickey
  • Sonic's Adventures of Sleeping Beauty


  • His voice will be provided by Dragonpage54545
  • His power are that he can open a hole in time and space with his claws through Chaos Rift, and he basic powers of Sonic
  • Matrix has two super forms
    • Super Vampire form
    • Super Matrix form