Group: Dark Dragon - Level: Ultimate - Type: Virus - Attack Technique: Dark Side Attack, Parry Force The first Megadramon the kids encountered was a minion of Machinedramon, the Dark Master of the digital city. When Machinedramon discovered that the DigiDestinedkids had entered his city and accessed his computer network, he sent his armies to destroy them. Among the forces were Megadramon, and his companion, Gigadramon. Megadramon and Gigadramon attacked Tai, Izzy and their Digimon in a hospital, but when they escaped, Machinedramon initiated Plan Elimin8, and had Megadramon and Gigadramon use their Dark Side Attacks to level the city in hopes of destroying the DigiDestined. Angemon's Hand of Fate attack saw the two dragon Digimon off. Four years later, when Digimon were appearing all over Earth, a Megadramon appeared in Odaiba along with several other wild Digimon. It was defeated by Paildramon and sent back to the DigiWorld with the other Digimon.

Megadramon first appears in "My Sister's Keeper." Name: From the words "mega" and "dragon," which "dra" is short for.

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