Miley, Sora's Cousin

Miley is a custom character created by Dracoknight545. Miley is Sora's 15yr old cousin.

Personal Info

Miley is Sora cousin from his mother side. She has a tough temptuare and a strong will like Sora. When sonic and friends meet her, Miley is working as a caretaker of elephant and close friends with Mrs Jumbo is Sonic's Adventures of Dumbo. Once Dumbo and Ms Jumbo are happy, Miley decides to leave the circus and joins Sonic's team travels the world. Miley has a very special friend called Veemon, who has been at her side since they met when Miley was a kid


  • Miley's name is based of one the nickname's of Dracoknight's sister
  • She appears to a Digimon tamer despite not having a digivice. But, she will earn one in a future Sonic movie
  • When she meets Conker in "Sonic's Adventures of Dumbo", She said that he is very cute looking