Group: Composition – Level: Mega – Type: Virus – Attack Techniques: Dimension Destroyer, Ultimate Fusion

Millenniummon was the evil Digimon encountered by the young Ken Ichijouji and Ryo when Ken first went to the DigiWorld. Their Digimon managed to defeat Millenniummon, and he deleted, but his dying action was to release the Dark Spores, one of which infected Ken.

While his role in the anime is limited only to a blurry, two-second appearance in “Invasion of the Daemon Corps,” Millenniummon is, like Ryo, a major player in the Digimon video games for the Wonderswan system in Japan. Some continuity glitches between the games and the anime mean that they may or may not strictly be in continuity with each other, but only from them do we learn Millenniummon's tale.

Created from the fusion of a Machinedramon and a Kimeramon, Millenniummon's first plan was to capture the first eight DigiDestined, and create a time warp that rebirthed several of their old enemies, but his plans were foiled by Ryo. He returned a few months later, and split the DigiWorld in two, but was defeated by the team of Ken and Ryo, though he managed to infect Ken with a Dark Spore before his remaining darkness was sealed with a crystal. It was this battle and some events surrounding it that were used to create backstory for Ken in the anime. Later, Millenniummon returned as Moon=Millenniummon, and Ryo battled him once more, after having trained by way of a tournament orchestrated by the Harmonious Ones. After a battle, Moon=Millenniummon tore open a portal in time and hurled himself and Ryo through it. His crystal shattered, Moon=Millenniummon became ZeedMillenniummon, arriving in the future and beginning a plan to conquer all space and time. It has been said that while travelling through time at this point, he allowed Apocalymon to enter the DigiWorld prior to the start of the original eight kids' adventure by breaking the seal that bound him. After a series of battles against his minions in various alternate universes, Ryo confronted ZeedMillenniummon, who revealed that he was always supposed to be Ryo's partner. Ryo's current partner, Monodramon, forced a DNA Digivolution with ZeedMillenniummon, resulting in a Digi-Egg, as Ryo elected to stay in a different DigiWorld reality to the one he originated in - where he would go on to have adventures with the Digimon Tamers. For other Millenniummon info, check out Ryo’s entry in both this and the Tamers encyclopedia, and on the site’s

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