Momoka Nishizawa (西澤 桃華 Nishizawa Momoka) is a character in the series Keroro Gunso and Sonic Storm Adventures . She is a very rich girl; she is the only daughter of the head of Nishizawa Corporation, Baio Nishizawa.


Momoka has two personalities. Her first and true personality is cute, polite, shy and sweet. Her second is brutal, hot-tempered, and incredibly strong. However, a third one appears as an effect of the personality transferer, in which she absorbs the personality of her father in episode 24 season 3 of Sgt. Frog


  • Momoka is the second richest character that Sonic and his friends have meet, the first goes to Scrooge McDuck, Donald and Daffy's uncle
  • Momoka's first appearance will be in Sonic Storm Adventures of Sgt Frog The Movie
  • Momoka has a huge crush on Fuyuki Hinata

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