• Name: Myotismon
  • Number: 59
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Kind: Ghost
  • Type: Virus
  • Attacks: Grisly Wing/ Nightmare Claw/ Crimson Lightning
  • Digivolution: Demidevimon > Devimon > Myotismon > Venommyotismon > Malomyotismon 
    Myotismon is a Digimon of the vampire nature. He has large forces that help him to try to take over the real world. He has an entire army of different henchmen and a variety of different attacks. His Crimson Lightning is a bust of red discharge. His Grizzly Wing unleashes a swarm of bats, and his Nightmare Claw will knock you unconcious. Under his employ, he uses DemiDevimon to distract and slow down the Digidestined while Gatomon sought out the biggest, baddest Digimon she could find for Myotismon to take through the portal. Myotismon maybe an ultimate level digimon, but even the combined powers of half the Destined can hardly beat him. Even if they do get close, he is smart and flees from battle. He was later defeated in the real world when Gatomon Digivolved to Angewomon and used a Celestial Arrow to pierce his evil heart. However, unknown to the kids, that wasn't the end of Myotismon. He was reborn very shortly thereafter as VenomMyotismon.

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