Naruto both parts

Naruto of Team Sonic (Past and Modern Versions)

Naruto is the knuckle-headed and eager-spirited ninja of Team Sonic.

Close Relationships


Kushina is Naruto's mother. Kushina and Naruto are very alike. After 19 years without any parents, Naruto was a bit upset for not knowing that his mother was alive, but with some help of his friends, Naruto managed to accept his mom into his life.


Hinata is Naruto's girlfriend. They share a special relationship. Hinata has always had an interest in Naruto, but Naruto never noticed, even when they were young. Most of their friends knew that Hinata had a crush on Naruto, however. During her battle with Pain, she was able to confess her love to Naruto, though was nearly killed by Pain in the process. Unfortunatly, due to the effects of the Nine-Tails transformation, Naruto forgot what Hinata said to him. He remembers though, after Sonic's pet, Taz almost attacks Hinata after a mishap with Taz's transportation to Team Sonic's new base in The Hidden Leaf. During the night, Naruto realized that he was in love with Hinata. So Sonic and friends tell him to go ask Hinata out. With success on his side, Naruto manages to go on a date with Hinata. Although everything didn't go as planned, Hinata still wanted to be with Naruto. After that day, Naruto and Hinata have been together.


Sonic and Naruto are the best of friends. Simliar to each other, they can work well with each other. Naruto taught Sonic some of his jutsus like the Rasengen and the Shadow Clones. There is a possiblity of Sonic and Naruto working together to make a combo-jutsu to use in battle.


Sakura and Naruto are teammates on both Team Sonic and Team Kakashi. Naruto has had a crush on Sakura since they were young. Sakura admires Naruto for his courage and admiration to overcome any challenge that they face. Whenever Naruto does anything idiotic or silly, Sakura gives him a good beat down.

Lady Tsunade

Tsunade and Naruto have a mother-son relationship. Naruto may listen to her occasionally and if he doesn't, Naruto is in a world of pain, simliar to what happens if he does anything silly around Sakura


Naruto and Sasuke have a very special relationship. Ever since they were young, Naruto and Sasuke have been rivals. However, later on in his life, Sasuke left Konoha. Naruto has vowed to get Sasuke back one way or another.


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