Otto Osworth
Otto is an orphan. Otto was "adopted" (admittedly kidnapped) by Larry and Buck when they miscalculated a mission to the 21st century. He was more than willing to leave the orphanage and became an unofficial member of the team. Although Otto has an enormous memory of history in nearly every field, deep down he is still a child, and easily gets along with Tuddrussel's immature, childlike attitude. In truth, he is the only member of the team to actually enjoy the history aspect of his job. Otto is the conscience of the group. He's always wanting to the right thing and becomes quickly angered by Tuddrussel and Larry's selfishness and will not put up with the crazy and absurd antics of historical figures. He often finds himself to be the only one capable of handling the mission, sometimes solving the problem with psychological methods. Other times he has to resort to trickery and pranks. Though a self proclaimed book worm, and shown as being a weak child, Otto can sometimes enjoy activities such as fishing and playing baseball. Also it has been mentioned once that he has a natural talent for shooting with a gun and knows a little karate.

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