Pearl is one of the Crystal Gems in Steven Universe. She is one of the main female protagonists in the series.


Pearl has a thin, bird-like body and pale white skin. Her short hair is a pastel pink and is styled to a point at the back of her head. She has large blue eyes and a pointed nose. She wears a light blue top with a yellow star and pale orange shorts under a transparent iridescent blue and green skirt. Her shoes are pastel green with lime green socks. Her gem stone is a pearl embedded in her forehead.


Pearl is a perfectionist. She puts a lot of thought and reason into her plans and actions. Though she is very graceful and controlled, she sometimes gets flustered when plans are messed up, or when Amethyst says something she doesn't think Steven should hear. She is very caring and motherly that way.


Activating her crystal gem summons a magic spear. She is also able to project holographic images from her gem.


  • Pearls are light pink or white colored gems similar to the one "Pearl" has on her head.
  • In the transition from the pilot to the series, Pearl underwent the most dramatic change of the three gems. Among these changes are:
    • Removal of earrings (current design has no visible ears)
    • Skin color changed
    • Nose made more "Pinnocchio-like"
    • Drastically different outfit
    • Different hairstyle
    • Slightly different head shape
    • Slightly different hair color
    • Eye color changed (black to a light blue).
  • In gem-stone mythos Pearls are often associated with beauty, modesty, purity and happiness.
  • She is the only Crystal Gem to not have a raised gem.
  • While the other Crystal Gems have circular gems, Pearl has an oval shaped gem.
  • As revealed in "Together Breakfast", she owns a collection of swords.
  • It is hinted in "Cheeseburger Backpack" that she and the other Gems (except Steven) may in fact be over a hundred years old.

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