Pete is one the many villains that Sois firnic & Friends battle through out the series.

Role in The Series

Pete made his first appearance in "Sonic's Adventures of Kingdom Hearts 2", spying on Master Yensid, hoping to have Yensid be turn into a heartless. But, he was foiled by Sora, and Sonic. Later, our heroes learn that Pete works for Malefincent as they try to take over the world. After the event of The organization downfall, Pete is set to reappear in "Sonic The Hedgehog Meets Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" working not only for Malefincent but for the Evil Queen with Team Rocket and Dr. Facilier. In "Sonic's Adventures of Wizard of Oz", post-credits, Pete appears in Myotismon's castle with Dr. Facilier as Myotismon offers Pete an offer that he can refuse..

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