Ripper Roo

Ripper Roo (also known as Doctor Roo) is an insane mutated kangaroo, though his head and face could closely resemble a dog. He is often viewed upon as Dr. Cortex's first and failed experiment with the Evolvo Ray. He frequently uses explosive crates when battling Crash. In the story "Sonic vs. Ripper Roo", This crazy mammal fights Sonic while cause mayhem for Konoha with either his crates of Nitro or TNT.


Ripper Roo is famous for his insane psychopathic, and somewhat dangerous, behavior. It's not safe to say, however, that he'll always be this way. In fact, in Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, he spent a year to become a Psychologist, proof that he was still civilized in some way. Another hint of his sane characteristic is that he wrote books, such as "Through the Eyes of the Vortex" which was well received. However, an explosion is enough to return him to his usual self. He is unique as the only speech he is capable of is insane laughter.

Sonic vs Ripper Roo

In the story "Sonic vs Ripper Roo", Eggman 'borrows' another evil sciencetist creation to stop Sonic and his friends once and for all by sending out this crazy and insane creature that leaves explosive devices where it has bounce or hops by. Sonic argues the hopper Mad-Hatter until it blows Sonic up when Naruto and Sonic goes to Ichiraku's fro ramen. The two angry hero chase the crazy marsupial through the village until Taz, Sonic's pet accidently eats the roo.


  • Ripper Roo is Dracoknight/Dragonstorm's favorite Crash Bandicoot and Non-Nintendo boss of all time
  • Ripper's laugh is based off or directly taken from the Hyena from Disney's Lady and The Tramp

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