Shadow The Hedgehog

Shadow The Hedgehog is known as the strict one on Team Sonic, but he has few strong relationships with teammates and allies, and even a rival.

Close Relationships

This a list of Shadow's close relationships that he has made in the Sonic Storm Adventure Series.


Even though they're very different, Shadow has a soft spot for Aqua. It's unknown why, but he feels a sense of relief whenever she tries to help him. Could it be that Aqua is like Maria?

Sonic & Tails

Shadow might not admit it, but he, Sonic, and Tails are like brothers, and Shadow takes the role of the eldest brother to help Sonic and Tails out whenever there's alot of trouble.

Katniss Everdeen


Molly Harper the Hedgehog

They are friends, but sometimes Shadow rescues Molly from being kidnapped by bad guys (Ravanna, Dollmaker Bumby and Maleficent). It's like Shadow likes her.


Laila Starr


Shadow's friends and good friends.

Daffy Duck

Shadow may not like him, but he respects Daffy as a friend, even when he enjoys punishing him, though Daffy doesn't mind. Daffy considers Shadow his best friend, in fact.

June the Cat

Shadow is great friends with June, in a annoying kind of way.

Rival Relationships

Shadow's rivals.

Thomas the Hedgehog

Thomas thinks that June and Shadow like each other and starts beginning to have a rivalry over him.

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