Shizune, Lady Tsunade's assistant


Shizune is Lady Tsunade's assistant and a healer like Sakura and Tsunade.

Appearance & Personality


She has shoulder length black hair with bangs and dark eyes. Normally, Shizune is seen in a long blueish-black kimono with white trimmings, held closed by a white obi, and open-toed sandals with low heels. Shizune has also been seen wearing the standard Konoha shinobi outfit when deployed on missions with distinct over-long sleeves. Shizune also has the tendency to pin her hair up when working. A trait also shared by Sakura.


Shizune is always level-headed, practical and a rational thinker. As a result, she is the one who tends to stress over details, such as Tsunade's tendency to gamble and to think with her heart. She often gets comically worked up over any irrational decision Tsunade makes. Shizune also looks after Tonton, Tsunade's pet pig.

She is not the type to tire easily and is very energetic and efficient while acting in her capacity of Hokage's Assistant, often urging Tsunade to finish the paperwork in order to avoid mountains of unsigned documents later on. She is often seen asking Tsunade questions about what to do with the village and the shinobi on missions.

Koyuki's New Mother

After much time working with Sonic and friends, Shizune and Koyuki develop a nice relationship. Koyuki first asked Shizune to help improve her ninja skill. During the time, Shizune was able to learn more about Koyuki and finds out she was an orphan before joining Team Sonic. After so talking with her best friends Sonic and Dororo, Shizune decided to take Koyuki under her wing and be her new mother. She tells Koyuki about the idea, and Koyuki loved the idea. So now, Koyuki and Dororo live with Shizune at Tsunade's place; occasionally Koyuki will visit Sonic and the other at their base. 


  • Shizune is trained in medical jutsu like Sakura and they're both trained by Tsunade
  • Shizune is Koyuki's teacher, which is similiar to Sakura being taught by Tsunade
  • Also Shizune is Koyuki's adoptive mother