The 3rd film orginally plannned by Dragonpage54545. As of Jully 2010, Dragonpage54545 will be doing this film with his cousin SakuraUchiha5454.


Sonic and Friends travel to the land of Ninja to assist Koyuki's Adopted uncle Kakashi and his stundent on a special mission.


  • Guest Starring
    • Heroes: Koyuki, Dororo
    • Villians: Myotismon
  • This film takes place before "Sonic's Adventures of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland"
  • Orginally, Pete and Team Rocket works for the evil emperor of the land of Snow, but was changed to Myotismon as dedicated to Sonofjafar for his work in The Sonic Adventure Series
  • Sakura Uchiha joins the Team as her Shippudeun look

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