SGT Frog 18 - Wet, Hot, Beaches! 014 0001

Title Card for the Episode 1


Sonic's Adventures of Wet, Hot Beaches! is directed by Dracoknight545 and is set to premire in June of 2011


Sonic and Friend go to the beach with Sgt. Keroro.

Keroro and Natsumi want to go to the beach but Aki can't go so the only way Kululu thinks of is to zap Natsumi with the age modifying ray. Keroro then reveals that the reason why they had to go there is a comedy stand contest which prize is a mountain of fake but very rare Gundam knock off models and he wants Mois and Natsumi to win them. Natsumi refuses but Saburo appears and talks that he would like the models too.

Natsumi enters the contest but needs a partner so Koyuki appears to help. Keroro and Mois enter too and it doesn’t take long before Keroro starts cheating. He sabotages Natsumi act and makes a perfect act only to realize that the prize he wanted was for the runner-up. Natsumi wins the Gundam and gives one to Saburo in the moment the ageing ray reverts.


  • Guest staring: Naruto and Bugs Bunny
  • This episode is dedicated for the Summer