Sonic's Search For Fairy Tail


Sonic's Search For Fairy Tail is the first Sonic/Fairy Tail Crossover. It is to be writtern by Dracoknight in the future.


Sonic and friends are sent to the land of Fiore to find a wizard for their team as a request by King Mickey and Lady Tsuande.

The story is based off the first two episodes of the Fairy Tail anime series.


  • Lucy, Happy and Natsu join Team Sonic after the story
  • Guest Starring: Kakashi Hatake
  • The leader of Fairy Tail Markarov is an old friend of King Mickey
  • Sonic and Friends learn that Magic and Charka are similar in properties
  • This story is part of Sonic Storm Adventures of Naruto Shippuden as a filler arc taking place after the Sai & Sasuke Arc

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