Sonic Storm Adventures of The Hunger Games poster
Sonic Storm Adventures of The Hunger Games is a story that will be written in TB


Sonic and friends go to a District ruin and meets a 16 year old girl name Katniss Everdeen. She takes her sister place in the 74th Hunger Games and teams us with a boy name Peeta. Now Sonic and his friends must help Katniss win the Hunger Games in order to protect her.


  • Katniss reminds Shadow of Maria
  • June always loves watching the Hunger Games when she was a little girl
  • Sonic and Nancy kissed for the fourth time infront of everybody who is watching the Hunger Games, including ApeTrully, Woo the Wise, Yin, Yang, Muriel, Eustace, Dipper and Mabel
    • They first kissed in Sonic's Final Destination 5
    • They second kissed in Sonic the Hedgehog meets Felix the Cat
    • They third kissed in Sonic Unleashed (Cameron Version)
  • We get to meet June's dad, Richard the Cat

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