Susan Test

Susan is a super genius scientist. She is the younger twin of her sister Mary. Susan has been shown to be less empathetic and sympathetic than her sister. Like her sister, Susan herbs a deep love and obsession for Gil. Bling Bling Boy has a huge crush on Susan but whenever he tries to get her to fall in love with him it always fails, mainly because Johnny foils him, or Susan turns him down (Susan always rejects Bling Bling Boy's advances). Like her sister, she attends school at the Porkbelly Institute of Technology. Susan is prone to believing in the more scientific and less science-fictional, which although gives scorn to her twin, Mary often proves to be correct in the end. Susan seems to be less level-headed than her twin Mary, and Susan tends to be less conservative, as she speaks her mind much more than Mary. Her age appears to be somewhere around 14 years old.

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