Team chaotix

Team Chaotix


The Chaotix (sometimes referred to as Team Chaotix) are a group of heroes from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. They were originally created for the video game Knuckles' Chaotix for the 32X, and later became a semi-regular part of both comic and video game continuity. It consist of three members, Vector, Espio and Charmy

The Memeber of Team Chaotix


Vector is the head honcho of the Chaotix Detective Agency, and will take almost any job so long as the pay is right, though he will not get involved with anything illegal. He has a rough demeanor, and at times he is even downright rude, but deep down he's actually quite a kind soul, and has been known to occasionally do cases for free (such as finding children's lost toys).


Espio, unlike the majority of the Sonic characters, is very serious, calm, wise and disciplined, but also opinionated and somewhat arrogant at times. He is seen as a ninja-based character; his battle poses and shuriken stars support that portrayal. In the TV show Sonic X, when he was discovered by Amy while trying to sneak aboard the Blue Typhoon, he leaves in shame (before getting beaten up by being mistaken for Metarex). In Sonic Heroes, he plays the shamisen in the Chaotix' Team Blast, "Chaotix Recital". According to the Japanese Chaotix game manual, Espio especially dislikes Dr. Eggman, although it's not stated precisely why. During a cut-scene in Sonic Heroes, the usually civil and soft-spoken chameleon even threatened the doctor's life. He is also able to see through Eggman's tricks very easily in Shadow the Hedgehog, and tells Shadow to destroy the villain.


Charmy is hyperactive and scatter brained, and not too bright. Being a child, he would rather play than work, as shown in the Chaotix' first level of Sonic Heroes, when the team is receiving their first mission at the beachy Seaside Hill, he's hovering around singing "Sea, sea, sea". However, he is also the most friendly and optimistic of all the Chaotix members. Due to his age, he is not as skilled a detective as Vector or Espio, but he is nonetheless valuable to the team. It is possible he is also greedy like Vector, as his and Vector's eyes had dollar signs in them when their client was willing to pay them(Sonic Heroes).

He shows a deep respect, even admiration, for Shadow in Shadow the Hedgehog, which is shown when Shadow kills a black alien, to which Charmy says, "Shadow, you're so cool!"


  • It's unknown where are they currently despite appearing in Sonic Generations (Both story and game)
  • It's rumored that they set up shop in Konoha as private eye like in Sonic X series

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