Tenshia in her human form

Tenshi angel form

Tenshia with her Black angel wings

Tenshia is a OC character made by ortsDracoknight. Her first appearance was in Sonic's Adventures of All Dogs Go To Heaven. Its unknown for her if you'll in the future


She is very sweet and kind-hearted. Tenshia takes her job seriously being the head angel of Toon-Heaven. She appears to have crush for Daffy. She works side by side with Anabelle.


Tenshia wears a red shirt with a blue shorts and light blue skirt, along with black sandels. Unlike normal angels, she dawns black wings. She wears a necklace that she had on when she was alive. It once belonged to her grandmother.


  • Despite being the All Dogs go to Heaen Projects, she is planned to appear in a Sonic Storm Chornicle Story called "Angel Visit"
  • In "Sonic Storm Adventures of All Dogs go to Heaven 2", Daffy states he and Tenshia are going through a bump in the road as he joins Charlie and Itchy, when they go back to earth to fetch the horn and says the this would be a good thing to have some time apart
  • Tenshia is the guardian angel of Team Sonic

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