The A.R.M.P.I.T Platoon consist have five Keroreons and one of them is part of Team Sonic. They were originally planned to take over Pekopon, but due to their leader's laziness they were not successful. When the heartless attacked, the Hinata Family and the Platoon were seperated, but Sonic and friends maanged to unite the platoon in Sonic's Adventures of Kingdom Hearts 2

Platoon Memebers


Keroro is a alien frog from the planet Keron. Keroro is the leader of the platoon, but due to his laziness he was caught by Natsumi Hinata and works as a house servant. He spends most of the time either making up idoitic plans to take over Pekopon or building Gundam Models.


Dororo Is Keroro's best friend (although Keroro truamatized him alot in the past). He is a master of Ninjutsu, and Kuyuki's new friend. Dororo never wants to invade Pekopon even though He was ordered to do so. Dororo bacame a member of Team Sonic after Sonic's Aventures of Kingdom Hearts 2.


Giroro is keroro's other friend who loves war. He speicalises in guns and other weapons from Keron. Giroro has a crush on Natsumi Hinata, and has been trying to tell her that. He was seen in the land of dragons with Knukles in Sonic's adventures of Kingdom Hearts 2.


Tamama is a tadpole and loves to be with Keroro. He has a split personality, one side is very cute and nice, while the other side is a psychopathic killer. Tamama is very jealous of angol mois, espeasaly calling keroro uncle. Tamama's most powerful attacks are the Tamama impact and the Jealousy ball.


Kururu is the genius of the platoon. He is very smart, but very crazy. He likes to build new inventions, and test them on the rest of the platoon, and the Hinata family. Kururu loves to eat curry rice dishes. He was scene with Diz, Ansem, and Mephiles in twilight town in Sonic's adventures of Kingdom Hearts 2.

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