The Gasman is about nine years old. He earned his name from the fact that he frequently passes gas ('unmentionable,' Max calls it, or quoted from MAX, " ... well, I refuse to call it a skill. In fact, I think of it as a huge design flaw. Despite how hilarious the guys think it is, Nudge and Angel and I are simply more evolved than that. We try not to encourage demonstrations of his mastery of the gaseous arts."), although he is often called Gazzy or Gaz instead. Max claims that he has a funky digestive system in the first book. He also has the ability to mimic any sound or voice, an ability which he uses to play pranks. For example, in MAX, when the Flock was in the covert ops of the BS training, Gazzy had relied on the element of surprise, as he often does. First, he’d perfectly mimicked a bird call, making a guard look up. Gazzy had tagged that guard. Then, when the guards were in pursuit, Gazzy incapacitated the guards, leaving them coughing and gagging, gasping on the ground, their eyes watering. Then he raced through the trees, cackling in triumph, and burst out into the clear meadow where the lieutenant colonel was waiting with a clipboard and a stopwatch. In the fourth book, The Final Warning, he gets the ability to release a gas that is yellow-green in color. Max called it a green mushroom cloud.

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