Proto Alternate 2nd Dimension Phineas and Ferb

2nd Dimension Phineas and Ferb

The Resistance Phineas and Ferb aka 2nd Dimension Phineas and Ferb are part of cooperraymers Team. They are just like Phineas and Ferb except with diiferent interests, personalities, and attire.

The Brothers

2nd Dimension Phineas- 2nd Dimension Phineas has the same characteristics as Phineas Flynn-Fletcher, except he's not neive nor selfless. One of his characteristics is his caring attitude. This is one of his well-known characteristics, reason being is because he cares so much about his brother and the rest of his team. 2nd Dimension Phineas looks axactly like his 1st dimension counterpart, except he's paler, his hair is cut military-style, and wears a light-black shirt with a large black collar, black shorts, black boots, dark-gray gloves, a silver shoulder-pad with a strap, and a headband that holds what appears to be a laser weapon and/or communicating device.

2nd Dimension Ferb- As well as his brother, 2nd Dimension Phineas, 2nd Dimension Ferb has the same characteristics as Ferb Fletcher. He even looks exactly like his 1st Dimension counterpart but like his brother, he's paler, his hair is cut military-style, and wears a black shirt, black pants, black boots, an Army-green jacket, black gloves, and black sunglasses.




  • These two look exactly like Phineas and Ferb, except their attire, hair and skin.
  • Although they're still members of The Risistance, they spend most of their time spending time and fighting alongside Phineas and Ferb and Team Sonic

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