The Zebra Brothers
Two Zebra twins that serve High Roller. Sparky Black is a black zebra with grey stripes and Sparky White is a white zebra with black stripes. It has been shown that they, like Commander Apetrully, were students of Parrot King; however, the Parrot King did say that they were his worst students (because they always goofed off in class). In almost all of the episodes, they are usually the ones who incite the animals to oppress the humans. In most cases, they stay out of fights between First Squad and the animals. However, once a month, when the moon is full, they use their most powerful weapons called the Ghost Lanterns. The Ghost Lanterns are paper lanterns on sticks that gives the Zebra Brothers supernatural powers ranging from merging together to form a giant version of themselves, creating an army of zebra clones, create zebra-type mosquitoes, or getting their victims to face their biggest fears. Although in one episode, it was shown that the Zebra Brothers can twirl their lanterns and use them to fly, even without the full moon. In most episodes, like "Cat Castle" and "Snake Castle", they end up in the same Predicament as Commander ApeTruly.

Movies they appeare in

Sonic the Hedgehog goes to Hotel Translvania

Sonic Unleashed (Cameron Version)

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