Tommy Turnbull is a blonde, square-headed, 11-year-old boy, and Robotboy's new caretaker. He is smart, responsible, sensitive, likeable and acts as a mentor to Robotboy. Tommy tries to teach Robotboy the ways of the world though his eyes. He is the younger son of Mrs Turnbull and Dwight Turnbull He is the unofficial leader of the team.


Dr. Kamikazi and Constantine are the main villains the the show, although Donnie (His big brother), Kurt and Kurt's Dad etc. have become a big threat to robotbot in the series.



Robotboy is Tommy's best friend, and they have been accompanied in many adventures which improves their attachment. In the episode "Robot Rebels", Kamikazi broke that friendship. In fact, there are many times in which countless villains have broken their friendship and after an explaining their friendship is attached again. In the episode crying time! Robot  boy nearly killed tommy.


Lola is a 10 year old confident and smart daughter of a rich African ambassador, and one of Tommy's best friends. She also secretly has a crush on him, which Tommy does not seem to realise.


Gus is one of Tommy's best friend, even though Gus constantly takes advantage of him and sometimes acts selfish. He won't think twice about stealing from Tommy and abandoning his friend for his own sake. Still somehow they remain friends and Gus does ocassionally help the team out of a jam.

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