Miley's Veemon and Leader of Digimon RoughHousers


Veemon is a rookie level Digimon and tough fighter, this Veemon is Miley's parther.


Commonly known info, Veemon are naughty and mischievous, but on the other hand it also carries a strong sense of justice. His skill is powerful with his combat and martial arts. Unlike normal Veemon have yellow markings on their face. Miley's Veemon have green markings instead.

Miley and Veemon

Miley and Veemon each other when Sora began his journey in "Sonic's Adventures of Kingdom Hearts", when she was 15. The Darkness manage to create a digital portal to The Digital World. MeanWhile and Veemon and his group known as The Digi Rough-Houser (Consisting of Hawkmon, Guilmon, Bearmon and Agumon) where watching the sky as it acting weird. Then, Miley began to fall from the sky and crashed on top of Veemon and his friends. Veemon and crew tied up Miley and tried to figured put what she was? Until, Impmon came along and trying to join Veemon's group by telling them that she was a human and warn them that their dangerous. They turned around and saw that she was gone. Miley appeared next to Veemon and been to question Impmon of calling who is dangerous. Then, Impmon attacked her, but Miley managed to dodge his attack and counter it by judo-flipping him sending him far away.

The Digi-RoughHousers

The Digimon RoughHouser is group of Digmon Fighters that fight for peace. through out the digital world


  • Veemon and Miley are set to premire in Sonic's Adventures of Dumbo
  • Theu join the team in the epilouge of Sonic's Adventures of Dumbo