Yamcha first appeared in Dragon Ball. He was known across the land as the deadly desert bandit who viciously attacks his victims and then robs them. His ultimate goal is to find love but his problem is, he's shy around girls. When Goku, Bulma, and Oolong (the shape shifting pig) were on their journey to find the seven Dragon Balls, they ran into Yamcha, who wanted them off his territory. He challenged Goku to a dual. Yamcha used his Wolf-Fangs-Fist on Goku and nailed a hard roundhouse kick on the little saiyan. Goku retaliated with a punch which sent Yamcha flying backwards. The angered Yamcha refused to let himself be beaten and charged madly at Goku like a raging bull until he saw Bulma hiding under some rocks. Yamcha then blushed red and fell over. Unable to continue on, he ran away. Later, Yamcha followed the gang and attack them. Once again, he and Goku fell into a fight. Yamcha loses again and leaves. Goku, Bulma, and Oolong didn't know that Yamcha was tailing them. Somehow he overheard the power of the Dragonballs to grant a single wish from the conversation of the three, and decided to follow them and capture the balls. With the balls, he hopes to wish away his shyness around girls. Yamcha didn't count on Emperor Pilaf to capture the balls from the gang. He and the gang were captured by Pilaf's troops and thrown in prison. Pilaf gathered the Dragonballs and called on the dragon. The gang had to stop him. Goku used his ka-mae-ha-mae-ha and blew a small hole in the prison wall. Oolong turned into a bat and flew down to Pilaf, interrupting his wish with a wish for underwear. The dragon granted the wish and then formed back into the seven balls. The balls were then scattered across the land. A full moon was out and Goku turned into the giant monkey. He leveled Pilaf's castle. Yamcha had to cut Goku's tail off to stop him. With the balls scattered, Yamacha decided to join the team to find the balls once again.

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